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accreditation's banner

The Bambo Nature range is accredited by several certification organisations that guarantee the safe use and environmental friendliness of the products.

Nordic Eco-labelNordic Eco Label Logo

The Nordic Eco-label on Bambo Nature is your guarantee for an environmentally friendly product.

Being approved for the Nordic Eco-label is a long process that requires a significant amount of documentation. The demands on Eco-labelled products are very high, and everything from how we manufacture our products to what they contain is examined and analysed.

The Nordic Eco-label on the Bambo Nature range is your guarantee that the products are certified to be environment-friendly. Some of the strict requirements that children's products have to fulfil to be eco-labelled are:

  •  Contain no optical brighteners or perfume
  •  A maximum limit for production waste created in the manufacturing process
  •  No use of moisturising lotion
  •  Must contain renewable raw materials

Asthma and Allergy DenmarkAsthma Allergy Denmark Logo

The Asthma-Allergy label by the Danish Allergy Foundation is your guarantee that the product is less likely to cause skin irritation, eczema or allergy.
Products with the Asthma-Allergy mark contain no perfume, no colourants and no parabens. Furthermore, the raw materials and ingredients are carefully evaluated by experienced declaration toxicologists before receiving the Asthma-Allergy label.
We know how precious childhood is; it is a captivating time as their minds and bodies grow. Bambo Nature’s R&D Team is committed to tailoring specific skin care needs for you and your baby.

Dermatologically testedDermatologically Tested Logo

 Abena has the products dermatologically tested at independent German institutes, ProDERM (Institute for Applied Dermatological Research) and ATC GmBH (Applied Tox Consult), which certify that the products comply with regulations.
To be classed as Dermatologically Tested, the products must have no negative impact on the skin, with all results being “neutral to the skin”.
Continuous testing by our dedicated R&D team based at our head office in Denmark, as well as searching for new and improved ingredients; using the best nature has to offer, will ensure that Bambo Nature products are always gentle on your child’s skin.